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Paying your insurance premiums is easier than ever using our EasyPay - The Checkless Way® option.

By authorizing us to withdraw your insurance payment each month from your checking or savings account, you no longer need to worry about writing checks or mailing your payment on time.

Easy Pay Advantages:


No checks to write or mail. You will be notified approximately 15 days prior to the first withdrawal and anytime withdrawal amount changes.

You save money in postage and check costs PLUS we don't charge a service fee on your monthly withdrawals.

Many customers prefer budgeting for insurance each month rather than paying a 6-month or 12- month premium in full.

Peace of Mind
You know your insurance is paid on time. You don't have to remember to send in your payment - it is automatically withdrawn.

To find out how you can pay your premiums using EasyPay - The Checkless Way, contact the Moberly Agency.

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